Weekly: What to expect from the FOMC when there will be ETH 2.0, Acala Network hacked and Youtube silver button

Here is our traditional now 97 is the weekly crypto news digest, from which you will find out when the Ethereum merge will happen and how the Ukrainian grandmother became the oldest “cryptan”.

General news

    Our silver YouTube button has arrived!

    Binance & MEGOGO Giveaway

      Ukrainian grandmother became the oldest client of the exchange

      Ukrposhta will issue an NFT-stamp with a ship

    Ukraine bought weapons and drones thanks to crypto

    FOMC minutes: key messages

  • What Tse? CeCrypto!
  • Atomic Green: testing era at Polygon

    Kyiv Tech Summit — web3 hackathon

    • Buterin supported a charity web3 hackathon in Kyiv. “These people are brave!”

    • Cryptocurrency fuss

        SEC files suit against Dragonchain over ICO

      • Earlier – HUSD stablecoin lost its peg to the dollar
      • Celsius’s balance sheet hole is $2.74 billion

        Tornado trash

          US authorities have imposed a ban on the use of the Tornado Cash Mixer

          In Amsterdam, the creator of Tornado Cash was detained

        Tornado Cash token collapsed on % amid news of sanctions and the arrest of the creator of the mixer

      Congressman: Sanctions against Tornado Cash represent threat to innovation and privacy

      Ethereal vanity
        Ethereum Developers Approve Merger Date

      FTX spoke out on the merger of

      Buenos Aires will deploy nodes for Ethereum

      And you can read more about mergers in our materials and vidos that came out this week and here:

        Transition Ethereum on PoS: what to expect next?

        ETHPoW vs. ETH2: what will happen to ETHPoW after the merger?

        5 reasons to be optimistic after the merger of Ethereum

      Ethereum 2.0. Myths, facts, preparation

      Bitcoin News

        CFTC accuses man of “Bitcoin Ponzi” scheme

        Hacks and Hacks

        • Acala will burn 1.2 billion aUSD
        • Acala returned 2,74 billion aUSD issued during the outage

          cBridge suffered from hack

        Optimism token fell by % due to hacking rumors

        SHO is DAO Maker there?

        DAO Maker representatives shared their latest announcements and updates:

        New platform and updated level system

        DAO Maker about announced the transition to the V2 platform, which includes a new user interface, an updated level system and 5 new products.

        The system has been updated with the introduction of two new levels: Level 0 (148 DAO tokens ) and Level 6 (80 DAO tokens). Moreover, now every token matters, and more DAO means more allocation.

        Guaranteed Allocation and Community SHO

        DAO Maker has moved from a lottery system to a guaranteed allocation system, giving every user, regardless of their DAO stake, the opportunity to win an allocation.

        The Community-SHOs system has also been introduced, which will give DAO stakers the right to vote on projects that will be accepted into the community, providing them with guaranteed allocations after that.

        BSC Governance and Integration Voting

        DAO Maker launched the Governance on Snapshot project, which allows DAO stakers to have their say on key decisions.

        The first vote was on BSC integration for the DAO token. As a result of voting more than 80% of the participants voted “for”.

        Listing on Ascendex

        DAO token has been listed on the centralized exchange Ascendex. It has 2 million users in 57 various countries.

        Partnership with Coingecko

        Coingecko has launched a new Tokenomics tab, which collects information about projects launched on the DAO Pad.

        Binance Custody

        DAO Maker integrated with Binance Custody

        DAO Maker has announced an integration with Binance Custody, which will act as a custodial service provider. Binance Custody will become a “custodial partner” of the platform, making the storage of digital assets more secure.


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