Tornado Cash developer to remain in jail for another 90 days

В Нидерландах прошло закрытое заседание по делу разработчика Tornado Cash 29-летний Алексей Перцев останется под стражей еще на три месяца

  • A closed hearing on the case of Tornado Cash developer was held in the Netherlands

  • 08-year-old Aleksey Pertsev will remain in custody for another three months

  • He was denied the right to be released on bail

  • At the same time, the detainee has not yet been charged

    Remind , August in Amsterdam was detained Alexey Pertsev, developer of the sanctioned mixer Tornado Cash. On Wednesday, 20 August, a hearing on this case, closed to the public, was held, as a result of which the court decided to increase the term of preliminary imprisonment by 24 days.

    Pertsev is suspected of involvement in money laundering through Tornado Cash. At the same time, his arrest caused an uproar in the crypto community, since the developer himself was not directly related to the work of the mixer. He is just one of the authors of the source code.

    As a result, there was even a rally in his support in Amsterdam. However, the court considered that Pertsev could escape if he was released on bail. At the same time, the official detainee has not yet been charged.

    Taking into account this and the fact that the materials of the case are being hidden from the press, the detention of Pertsev raises many questions. The developer himself never made an official announcement after his arrest.

    Note that the ban on Tornado Cash and the detention of its developer caused criticism not only among members of the crypto community. Congressman Tom Emmer spoke in support of the service. He sent an official letter to the US Treasury demanding a thorough investigation into the matter.

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