Ronin hack: hackers transferred stolen $625 million to the Bitcoin blockchain

Появились новые детали взлома Ronin Все украденные средства «перекачали» в BTC

    New Ronin Hack Details
  • All stolen funds were “transferred” to BTC

  • To do this, the hackers used various mixers and DEX

  • Recall that at the end of March, a group of unknown people hacked the Ronin cross-chain. Shortly thereafter, information appeared that the hackers withdrew the stolen $625 million in the Tornado Cash mixer. Now that money has resurfaced. It turns out that they were brought into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

    An analyst with the nickname ₿liteZero came to these conclusions. On the social network Twitter, he stated that he tracked the transactions of the likely attackers responsible for the attack on the cross-chain.

    According to him, hackers brought almost everything stolen into the Bitcoin ecosystem through several mixers. The lion’s share of the funds was “pumped” through the Blender, UnKnown and ChipMixer services.

    Remarkably, part of the money, about $ million, hackers transferred through the centralized exchanges Binance, Huobi and FTX. Then they already got into Blender. This is fully consistent with the accusations of the US Department of Justice against the mixer. The same amount appeared in the request of the authorities.

    The rest of the money entered the Bitcoin ecosystem through decentralized platforms and crypto-mixers. Tracking them will be much more difficult. However, ₿liteZero stated that it does not intend to stop there and plans to make every effort to bring the criminals to justice.

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