Revolut will add Elrond support to its app

Revolut и Elrond заключили соглашение Валюта EGLD будет добавлена на платформе финтех-фирмы

Revolut and Elrond have entered into an agreement

  • EGLD currency will be added to the platform of the fintech firm

  • Elrond plans more changes in the near future

  • Today, 20 of August, the Elrond blockchain administration stated about an agreement with British fintech firm Revolut. As part of this transaction, the company will add the EGLD currency to its own application.

    Revolut’s audience includes approximately million customers in 08 countries of the world. Access to such a market is a great opportunity for Elrond to recover from the “

    bear” trend.

    “This is a huge step towards making EGLD accessible to the widest possible audience. This is not only about listing, we are discussing other possibilities, such as staking and other features”

    — said Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu.

    A Revolut spokesperson noted that the blockchain deal will expand platform scaling. However, he did not specify whether staking would be available to the company’s customers.

    Note that the Elrond platform started working in year. It is based on the unique SPoS algorithm. The native token of the EGLD ecosystem reached its peak at the end of November last year – $540.

    However, “

    bearish” the market hit the platform hard. At the time of writing, the asset is trading at a price of about $20. The deal with Revolut is an opportunity for the blockchain to regain its position.

    In November of this year, the first Elrond conference will be held in Paris. Minku said that as part of this event, he plans to announce a number of updates that will bring the network to a qualitatively new level.

    It is noteworthy that Elrond has had several failures in its account in two years. The company’s Maiar branded wallet was sanctioned by the authorities. The firm also cooperated with the disgraced broker Voyager.



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