Report: NFT market fell 45% in August

Спрос на токены постепенно падает. С июля объем рынка сократился на 45%.

Demand for tokens is gradually falling

  • Since July, the market volume has decreased by %

  • The shares of the main large “players” also decreased

    Apparently, the summer recession in the token market continued in August. The NFT market is still stagnating, which is reflected in the marketplace statistics. During the month, this sector decreased by

    According to the analysts of The Block, in August the volume of the NFT market amounted to $369,08 million. A month earlier, this figure was equal to $473,05 million, in June — $,53 mln.

    Compared to July, the market volume decreased by ,3%. But even this is not so much when compared to how much “

    sank” the market has been since January, when it reached the level in $5,43 billion

    As for the structure of the segment, it remained unchanged . The share of the leader OpenSea is 64%. It is noteworthy that the turnover of this site alone in July amounted to $444,45 million. At the same time, the marketplace fired about % of staff due to difficult market conditions.

    A similar situation has developed among other resources. GameStop’s daily revenue has fallen below $4,000, well below its peak in July.

    This indicates a drop in the level of demand for NFTs, as well as a slowdown in the turnover of transactions. Apparently, interest in this sector is falling and it remains to be hoped that this is temporary.

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