M&M's release Bored Ape NFT candy

Mars выпустил коллекцию M&M’s с символикой BAYC

  • Mars has released a collection of M&M’s with BAYC
  • He bought the rights to the image from the KINGSHIP community

  • Purchasers participate in the drawing of limited NFT

  • M&M’s and Universal Music Group have released a limited edition candy collection. It will be dedicated to KINGSHIP. Recall that this is the first super-community Bored Apes, which signed a contract with Universal Music Group. The group is owned by investor and entrepreneur Jimmy “j1mmy” McNelis. Universal Music Group uses the rights to the image of “monkeys” and comes up with music in the style of the band Gorillaz.

    Candy buyers can receive exclusive Kingship M&Ms NFT art tokens. But they will go to the fastest who manages to brand them on a special platform.

    Three batches of sweets will come out in total. Sets from the first batch sold out instantly:

    A total of Mars will release sweets in gift boxes and jars. The floor on BAYC increased by 9% per day (10,10 ETH). Before that, their rate fell to an 8-month low (65, ETH) because the collection is in danger of liquidation. This was due to a liquidity crisis on the BendDao platform. Now the lending service has solved this problem.



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