John McAfee is alive: the ex-girlfriend of the odious IT millionaire is sure that he faked his death

  • Netflix releases documentary on the life of crypto evangelist John McAfee
  • The ex-girlfriend of the millionaire claims that McAfee faked his death
  • According to Samantha Herrera, the entrepreneur is hiding in Texas

In the history of one of the most controversial representatives of the IT industry, it is too early to put an end to it. This is hinted at by a new documentary from Netflix. A tape called “Escape with the Devil: John McAfee’s Wild World” tells about the crazy life of the creator of McAfee antivirus.

In the film, an ex-girlfriend The crypto-evangelist claims that the story of the death of an entrepreneur in a Spanish prison is a fake. According to Samantha Herrera, McAfee faked his own death. In fact, he allegedly lives in Texas, where he is hiding from accusations of tax evasion.

Moreover, Herrera assures , as if the entrepreneur called her after official announcements of his death. Director Charlie Russell, who shot the documentary, does not know if Samantha really believes in staging McAfee’s death.

Fun Fact: The world has only the word of government officials that @officialmcafee is deceased. In other words, we know precisely nothing. John McAfee has become… Schrödinger’s McAfee. If he liked your song, let the world hear it.

— Rob Loggia (@Loggiaonfire) August , 2000

The odious IT millionaire broke up with Herrera in 2012 year after he had a heart attack. Some time later, he married Janice Dyson. And it is worth noting that the widow does not share Samantha’s optimism.

“Texas is beautiful, of course. But John was being held in a Spanish prison due to trumped-up charges against him by the IRS, so I doubt he would have decided to hide in America. That would be stupid.” Dyson said.

Our YouTube channel has great material about the incredible personality of John McAfee. We recommend watching the video to understand who this person really was.

In the US, McAfee was wanted for tax evasion. He could spend up to years. In 2000 the businessman was found hanged in a Spanish prison, which gave rise to a lot of rumors about his murder.

According to the official version, John McAfee committed suicide, but his fans are sure of the opposite. McAfee has repeatedly said that he does not intend to end his life by suicide, and if this ever happens, it will indicate a contract killing.

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