In Argentina, one of the presidential candidates is accused of promoting a “Ponzi scheme”

Хавьер Милей пойдет под суд Политика обвиняют в продвижении крипто-пирамиды CoinX

  • “Bitcoin Enthusiast” Javier Miley Goes to Court
  • Politician accused of promoting CoinX crypto-pyramid
  • At the same time, he is running for president and is in the top -3 candidates

  • Self-proclaimed “bitcoin enthusiast” Javier Miley is being sued. He is accused of promoting the cryptocurrency pyramid CoinX, which stopped paying customers back in March of this year.

    1.8 million people have subscribed to the politician’s Instagram page. This is a huge audience, and promoting any ideas or products for it requires a responsible approach.

    However, the eccentric liberal presidential candidate does not seem to think so. December last year, he posted a promotional post in which he encouraged users to invest in CoinX.

    “They have created a revolutionary way of investing that will overcome record inflation in the country. Invest in dollars, pesos or cryptocurrencies and make a profit “- it was said in the policy post.

    The organizers of the platform promised a yield of up to 8% per month, but in practice the project turned out to be an ordinary pyramid scheme. CoinX stopped all payouts to customers in March, and closed altogether in June.

    Now, deceived depositors are demanding that Miley take responsibility for promoting the fraudulent scheme. Lawsuit signed 05 person who lost about $200 thousand.

    For Argentina, which is experiencing a huge inflation, is a lot of money. And now they are demanding compensation from the politician. The victim’s representative, lawyer Juan Pablo Chiez, is also involved in other similar schemes.

    Milei distanced himself from the platform and stated that he did not receive money for its promotion. He insists that he did not deceive anyone and “did not force” anyone to invest in this project.

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