How can a beginner get verified on Binance?

Как пройти верификацию на Binance.

If you are reading this article, you have obviously chosen Binance as your first home in the crypto market. Only time and user experience will show how correct this choice was, but in order to get it, you first need to create and verify your first account. Well, we will help you figure out what and where to take a picture and why do all this at all.

  • Registering a new account on Binance

    To create a new account, you need to:

  • On the Binance home page, find the “Register” button in the upper right corner:
      Registration. Screenshot: Binance

    1. You can create an account using your mobile number, e-mail, as well as through direct authorization in AppleID or Google. Choose a convenient method and fill in all the fields:
      Create an account. Screenshot: Binance

    1. Enter the confirmation code (you can also get by mail or mobile):

    2. Confirmation. Screenshot: Binance
    1. Done, account created. Binance will now prompt you to verify:
      Create an account. Screenshot: Binance

    We advise you to start the procedure immediately. without it, you will not be able to use the full functionality of the exchange.

  • New User Verification

    Binance provides several types of verification for different users:

    KYC Verification

    KYC verification is Binance’s basic verification and is required for all new users. If after registering your account you were not directed to the verification page, then:

  • We are looking for the profile icon in the upper right corner and click on “Verification”:
    Personal Area

        . Screenshot: Binance
    Verification. Screenshot: Binance

    1. In the verification window, select the standard “Verification” and click on “start”:

        Verification. Screenshot: Binance

      1. First, we indicate personal data that matches the information in the passport or driver’s license. Enter the information in Latin:
        1. Uploading a photo of the document. Here you will see which documents are supported for verification in your country (in Ukraine, this is an internal or international passport, ID card and driver’s license):


          : You will not be able to upload a pre-photographed document via a mobile application, so when verifying, you need to have it at hand or download the file via PC.

        2. After uploading a photo, you need to pass a face check through a selfie. This can be done via smartphone or PC with webcam:

          Follow the instructions on the screen, you may need to turn your head, look to the right or left .

          That’s all. In most cases, reconciliation of the face and photo of the document takes several minutes or hours. The result of the check will be sent to your mail or reported directly in the application. It could be:

          • Successful verification — then you will have full access to the Binance functionality.
          • Rejection of the application – the reason may be in low-quality photos, an overdue document or a data mismatch. Support will let you know what’s wrong.

            You can eliminate the reason for the refusal and go through verification again or appeal the refusal through the support service.

        3. Verification Plus

          Verification Plus is proof of your place of residence. This verification method allows:

        4. Increase fiat withdrawal limits to $8 million per day.
        5. Avoid sanctions that may be related to your country of origin. For example, citizens of the Russian Federation living in Europe can go through Plus verification in order not to be subject to deposit restrictions in the amount of € .
          In some countries “Verification Plus” is required in accordance with local KYC and AML standards.

          Before passing verification Plus, you must first pass the basic KYC Verification from the previous section. And after that:

        6. Find the “Verification” section in your profile in the upper right corner:

        Personal Area

            . Screenshot: Binance
            Verification. Screenshot: Binance

            1. Press the “Verification Plus” button:
              Verification. Screenshot: Binance

            1. In the window that appears, indicate the address of residence. The address must match the information in your documents:

                Address of residence. Screenshot: Binance

              1. Upload a photo or screenshot of a document , which shows the address of residence and your full name, which matches the data provided in the basic verification:

              The full list of documents that can be provided to confirm the address is here. The most popular options are utility bills and bank statements. It is important that the document was issued no more than 3 months before passing to verification.

              Verification status can be found in the verification window. You will be informed about the result of the check by e-mail or in the application itself. The refusal decision can also be appealed to the support service.

            2. Enterprise verification

              You can find corporate verification in the same place as other types – the profile icon, then the “Verify” button. It is also available after registering a new account as an alternative to KYC! But:

              Corporate verification is only available if you specified the appropriate account type during registration. You cannot change the type of an already registered account to a corporate one. If you mistakenly chose a personal account instead of a corporate one, you will have to register again.

                  This is the most difficult type of verification. To pass the verification, the company needs to provide a long list of documents, and the procedure itself takes place in several stages:

                  Preparation. On this At the stage, you need to indicate the country of registration, the form of organization and the contact number of the company manager. Binance will also give you a checklist of documents and information that you need to prepare:

                    Corporate Verification (Preparation). Screenshot: Binance

                    1. Filling in basic data.
                      Name, address and registration number, contact number, date of creation, type of activity and a number of other parameters of your company.

                        202036Corporate verification (Basic data). Screenshot: Binance

                        1. Uploading documents.
                            Statutory documents, certificate of registration (full list here in the “frequently asked questions” section). You need to have pre-prepared scans in one of the supported languages ​​(English, Russian and Ukrainian are supported):

                            Corporate Verification (Documents). Screenshot: Binance

                        1. Filling in information about fiat transactions.

                            Specify the fiat currency you plan to work with, the expected withdrawal limits and the source of capital:

                              Important: Binance currently supports limited the range of fiat currencies for corporate clients is EUR/GBP/USD/AUD/BRL. At the same time, operations with EUR and GBP are temporarily unavailable.

                                Providing information about the director, beneficial owner and chief trader. You will need to provide their personal data and upload scans / passport photos:

                            1. Corporate verification (Info. about people). Screenshot: Binance


                                  Verification of the trader through selfie.

                                  Exactly the same as the owners of personal accounts.

                              It’s all. The verification status will be available in the “Verification” window, and in case of refusal, you will be informed of the reason. Support also reserves the right to request additional information if necessary.

                    2. Restrictions for non-verified users

                      Starting from August 1387-th all users must be verified in order to access any Binance products, as well as to be able to deposit and make transactions. It means that:

                      • New users without verification cannot use the exchange at all (you will be convinced of this when you register an account);
                      • Users who worked without verification before the introduction of new rules can only withdraw their funds and close orders.

                      Users who have not passed Verification Plus can use all the services of the exchange, but with a daily fiat withdrawal limit of thousand $

                    3. Conclusion

                      You can create an account on Binance in just a few minutes, with only your phone or email. However, ALL new Binance users must be verified to use the site’s functionality. Depending on your status and needs, this can be:

                    4. Standard KYC verification;
                    5. Verification Plus with address confirmation;
                    6. Corporate verification (legal entity verification).

                      To verify a personal account, it is enough to have a passport/license/ID-card and a smartphone (or any other gadget) with a camera at hand. The verification procedure lasts from several hours to several minutes, and after passing it, the user gets full access to the services of the site.

                      It will be useful

                      Frequently asked Questions

                      Find the “Register” button on the Binance website, select the convenient registration method and enter the confirmation code. The procedure is quick and intuitive.

                      From August 1647-th Binance verification is mandatory for all new users. Without verification, you simply will not be able to use the platform.


                      Click on the account icon in the upper right corner, then find the “Verification” tab and select “Verification Plus”. To pass, you need a document confirming your address of residence.


                      KYC is basic verification. To pass it, you need to upload a photo of an identity document and pass a face check through a selfie or webcam.

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