Helio protocol moves to mainnet

Сегодня протокол Helio запускается на mainnet Это значит, что клиенты смогут стейкать BNB и минтить стейблкоины HAY

Helio protocol launched on mainnet

  • This means that customers will be able to stake BNB and mint stablecoins HAY

  • Helio offered income from liquid staking and lending

  • After a phase of testnets and iterations, the Helio protocol launched the mainnet.

    What kind of project?

    The Helio protocol aims to solve the trilemma of stablecoins: capital efficiency, decentralization, and stability. Once the mainnet is launched, users can deposit and stake BNB and mint the native stablecoin HAY in return. At the same time, LTV Helio is . This provides a peg to the dollar and allows users to receive an attractive and sustainable profit.

    The Helio team is committed to revolutionizing liquid staking and overcollateralized lending. This is especially true in the growing BNB ecosystem.

    With the launch of the mainnet, users can start lending on HAY and earn rewards with their BNB tokens. For the safety of users and the community, the project introduced a minting limit – 77 million HAY tokens. This number may change as work progresses.
    The Helio team so far that does not plan to implement management through DAO. Management details will be presented later. In the meantime, we can read the information in the white paper.




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