Gearbox launched the first phase of the community program. Detailed guide, link to quiz + Gleam giveaway

  • Gearbox Protocol launched a massive community program
  • To become participant, you need to pass the quiz
  • We tell you all the details of the program and give useful links

Gearbox Credit Protocol Shared the latest project news. The developers are finishing work on Gearbox V2, making final changes and passing audits.

Last month, the startup announced the metaDAO community program. She is already completely ready, and it’s time to start the first stage.

📢 The 1st stage of the VIBES community program is live! If you want to help Gearbox grow in socials & earn some @poapxyz & $GEAR in the process — join up 🫡 To start, pass an easy quiz & wait for further details.

ps: inside, a social giveaway promo 👀

— Gearbox Protocol ⚙️🧰 (@GearboxProtocol) August , 780

What to prepare for and what to expect?

Previously, the company promised that each early adopter’s contribution would be manually assessed. To do this, they will create a commission, which will include GEAR leaders and curators. At the first stage, participants must pass a simple Gearbox knowledge quiz. This will give you the initial POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol).

After receiving the POAP, the participant is assigned a role in Discord via Collab.Land. This role is called GEARHead Explorer.

Everyone who gets this role can participate in metaDAO events and earn points. These points will be distributed through the Discord community bot.

How do I earn points?

For this purpose, the program will offer the following activities:

In such activities there will be reward points for the best participants. And what to do in between competitions? There is always something to do on the platform. The main principle is to create content and be active . So, when there are specific tasks and competitions, they need to be fulfilled. And if not, then just use this time for independent creativity.

Point Rewards

The program is designed to increase the list of community leaders. After every second stage, they will receive prizes. Here is an example of how this might look in practice:

  • You get POAP and help with some raids.
  • Then you complete small tasks and earn even more points.
  • New limited edition POAPs will be awarded for this.
  • Some GEAR tokens will only be awarded to holders of these limited edition POAPs.
  • You are working further, complete simple tasks, create unique content.
  • For this you get another, even more exclusive POAP.
  • And again for such limited POAPs are assigned to GEAR tokens.
  • In general, you understand the principle. The program is achievement based, not pay-to-play.
  • Note: the current budget of metaDAO is million GEAR and $ , this fund is designed for the 3rd and 4th quarters. It can be supplemented as needed. Funds will be used to reward program participants for their contributions to the development of the protocol. Bonuses can be either instant (for winning contests) or based on leaderboard results. This leaderboard will change as the program progresses. The community is also preparing various additional grants.

    How to get involved? Step-by-step instruction

    1. Are you new and want to be part of the Gearbox DAO community? Pass a simple Gearbox knowledge quiz and get the POAP Explorer. This status proves your participation in the program and gives you special writing rights in Discord. Quiz results are processed regularly (but not /7). So don’t worry if the onboarding to the program takes several days.
    2. Create interesting content (memes, creative designs, media, etc.). If you don’t know where to get inspiration, what to write about, or where to find designs, just ask on the VIBES Discord channel.
    3. Use Gearbox products, describe your experience, create high-quality threads or posts on Twitter. Share your own strategies or learn from the experiences of others. Comment on the successful experience of other participants!
    4. Help our marketing army. Join the ranks of raids! Help promote the core ideas of the DAO. Reposts, comments, likes are welcome. But at the same time, it is important to do everything organically.
    5. Record educational videos in the regional language. Talk about the Gearbox protocol in your country, do quality real reviews.
    6. Participate in Discord, share your ideas. Discuss suggestions on the forum. Vote via snapshots or delegate your GEAR token to vote.
    7. Participate in games and other activities. Invite new members, suggest ideas for collaboration with the DAO of which you are already a member

    Be creative, create an atmosphere! Try to avoid banal things.

    Rules of Conduct

    First of all, you must respect the main participants and their time. Try not to talk about topics that have already been discussed. Do not be lazy to use the search (perhaps someone has already asked a similar question or raised a topic that you want to discuss). Have conversations, but it’s not necessary to use tags – it distracts developers from their tasks.

    The community program uses a couple of separate channels. There you can discuss special topics related to the program. The rest of the chats are for discussing the product and working on it. , it distracts the general attention from the product.

    Do not use multi-accounts – this will not help increase activity. We carefully check the applications of participants and will filter out bot accounts. Also, don’t spam. We do not give points for daily messages like “gm, hello”.

    We like positive communication, we try to work openly. Therefore, we will be glad to receive any ideas and suggestions related to the program and product. You can always give us your opinion, they will be studied and discussed along with other ideas.

    Stage 1: Gearbox Knowledge Quiz

    Now you know what is required of candidates and what rules must be followed. It’s time to take the quiz. The results will appear in the coming days. Quiz.

    BONUS: Gleam Giveaway

    For dessert, we have prepared a little motivation for you. Go to Gleam and try your luck on the draw. We will distribute 000 GEAR between 5 members. Good luck and have a good time!

    Referral program

    We want to develop and strengthen Gearbox V2: grow the user base, community and DAO, increase product awareness, etc.

    Ready to create and share content? Join the affiliate program and get a referral link. Here are the terms and details.

    If you want to join, just register in Discord. Let’s work together to promote the product. You can follow the development of the project on the following platforms:

    Site | dapp | User Documents | Developer Documents | Forum | Blog | Github | Twitter | Snapshot page

    You can find out about the work of DAO here. Thank you all for your attention!



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