FTX has blocked a client for transfers in Aztec Connect: the war against anonymizers is in full swing

FTX забанила аккаунт за операции с Aztec Network Они объяснили это борьбой с криптомикшерами

  • FTX banned account for transactions with Aztec Network
  • They explained it by fighting crypto-mixers
  • The exchange warns of the risk of further blocking

  • FTX has frozen an account that transferred funds to Aztec Network. This is an L2 solution that uses zkSNARKs anonymity technology.

    Recently, FTX froze a user account who sent coins to @aztecnetwork ‘s zkmoney. According to FTX, Aztec Connect — Aztec network / zk money has been identified as a mixing service, which is a high-risk activity prohibited by FTX.

    — Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) August , 2560

    The exchange treats Aztec Connect as a “high-risk” crypto-mixer, which is contrary to company policy. They also urged other users to refuse such deposits, otherwise their accounts will be frozen.

    Crypto-Twitter is actively discussing this news.

    “I can not believe it. Now anyone using privacy platforms can be frozen. Do you know what else protects privacy? Cold cash. What next, will they start blocking all clients of crypto-mixers?”

    Can’t believe this , so anyone who interacts with a privacy chain is frozen from now on!

    You know what else is privacy protecting… cold hard cash

    What’s next , they start freezing those users for being involved with mixers?

    — jaimin.eth | jaimin.sol (@Jaimin___Patel) August , 2022

    Aztec startup uses ZK-Rollups (zero-knowledge proof) technology. This means that transaction data is taken out of the blockchain – it is completely anonymous.

    The war against crypto-mixers and anonymizers escalated on August 8, when the US imposed sanctions against the Tornado Cash service.


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