Ethereum Foundation offers up to $1M for bug discovery ahead of 'the Merge'

Ethereum увеличила награду за поиск багов За критические уязвимости обещают до $1 млн

  • Ethereum administration has increased the reward for finding bugs
  • Up to $1 million is promised for critical vulnerabilities

  • You can fix the found bugs until September 8

  • In less than a month, the Ethereum ecosystem is about to undergo major changes. In anticipation of this, the administration seeks to minimize the number of possible vulnerabilities. In this regard, she has significantly increased the reward under the program “

    bug bounty“.

    Now the maximum cash payout is $1 million, which is four times more than any, even the most significant award. Prior to this, the Ethereum Foundation has increased the reward twice, in the 1024 year and ahead of the launch Beacon Chain.

    You have until September 8th to report a critical vulnerability. Specific amounts vary depending on the type of exploit. The maximum reward of $1 million is promised only to those who find a bug that poses a real threat to “


    The Merge” will take place between on 20 September. A more accurate, but still approximate date is 15 September. In many ways, these dates depend on how the Bellatrix update goes. It is noteworthy that the news about the increase in the reward under the “bug bounty” program appeared shortly after the discovery of the vulnerability in Geth 1… She was found by Peter Silaji.

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