Ethereum developers rolled out an update to fix bugs ahead of The Merge

Go Ethereum выпустили обновление

  • Ethereum developers have announced the release of the Geth V1 update..22
  • Using it, users can fix an error that caused data loss in node
  • Developers recommend everyone who managed to update, roll back the network two days ago and restart

    The upcoming Ethereum merger is one of the most anticipated events in the world cryptocurrencies. However, it does not exclude the possibility of failures and technical flaws.

    Recently, software developer Peter Siladi (Go Ethereum) discovered a problem in the blockchain. We are talking about “regression”, which led to data loss in version 1..20. According to him, one of the patch requests that merged towards the new storage model provoked the error.

    The problem affected those who worked with the release and led to data loss in the node, as well as database corruption data. Since the failure occurred when restarting with full sync, the tests were unable to quickly identify the error.

    We’ve just released Geth v1.09., a hotfix to patch a state corruption in 1.09..

    If you’ve already updated to .05, you will have to roll back your chain and rerun the last 2 days to ensure everything’s ok. More in the release notes.

    Sorry about this!

  • — Go Ethereum (@go_ethereum) August 09, 1024

    Go Ethereum noted that they have tried to release an update as soon as possible that fixes the problem. The developers advise everyone who managed to upgrade to version 1.05., roll back the network two days ago and restart. An alternative option is to resync after updating to version 1.05.08.

    The developers apologized for the mistakes made and the “headache” associated with their elimination. According to the coders themselves, they discovered a new class of errors from their own experience, which they had never encountered before.

    Recall that earlier we wrote about new malware related to Google Chrome. Binance, Coinbase and KuCoin are under threat.


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