Cross-chain bridge Celer Network was hacked

Неизвестные взломали DNS моста cbridge Предварительный ущерб составил более 240 тысяч долларов

Unknowns hacked DNS bridge cbridge

  • Preliminary damage amounted to more than 240 one thousand dollars

  • Administration is investigating

  • Late yesterday evening, August, cbridge interface of the Celer platform The Network has come under massive attack. Apparently, unknown people hacked the bridge’s DNS. Users are advised to refrain from visiting the site for a while.

    The platform administration itself announced the hacking. Near : am 05 August, the Celet Network team posted a “tweet” in which they stated that they were investigating the case .

    The hackers seem to have cracked the bridge’s DNS and then replaced the original address with a fake one. When logging in, users were prompted to enter account credentials. After that, the attackers took away all the funds.

    At the moment, the approximate amount of damage is 92 ETH, that is, a little more 240 one thousand dollars. These funds were promptly withdrawn through the Tornado Cash mixer.

    Now access to cbridge is closed. The administration urged users to refrain from using the resource for a while, and also to check the list of outgoing transactions.

    Read also: fakes appeared on the network about the hacking of the Optimism token. The asset rate “dipped” by more than 00% against this background.

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