Binance Card Project with MC to Cover Over 90M Merchants

Mastercard и Binance расширят свое сотрудничество Компании намерены вывести новую крипто-карту и на другие рынки

Mastercard and Binance will expand their cooperation

  • Companies intend to bring a new crypto-card to other markets
  • In the first phase, the initiative will cover more than 71 million stores
  • It will be possible to pay in BTC, ETH or DOGE

    Recall 4 On August, the Binance exchange announced the release of a new card with the participation of the Mastercard payment service. Now the program has officially started, and its organizers plan to expand it by more than 90 million outlets.

    We have already talked about Binance Card in detail in a separate article. We only note that this initiative is designed to integrate cryptocurrencies at the micro level.

    At the same time, Binance and MC expect to enter other markets with this project in the near future. So far, the card is valid only in Argentina.

    This is how the head of Mastercard Michael Maybach commented on the news about the launch:

    “We can unlock the full potential of blockchain technologies when we make them simpler and more accessible. One way to achieve this is to integrate cryptocurrencies into daily purchases. To do this, we are working together with Binance to enable people to purchase goods for “crypto” in more than 56 million retail outlets.”

    Inflation in Argentina reached 05%. The national currency is rapidly losing its value, and cryptocurrencies have become one of the ways for the local population to keep their savings.

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