Beijing unveils two-year development plan for the Metaverse

Китайская столица планирует за 2 года стать процветающим цифровым городом

  • The Chinese capital plans to become a prosperous digital city in 2 years
  • They gave the task to each district to “digitalize”
  • Particular emphasis will be placed on digital learning

  • Beijing announced a comprehensive plan, according to which it will develop and introduce innovations in the space of the Metaverse. It is designed for a two-year period (up to 2024 year). During this period, each district of the city must introduce virtual reality, as well as integrate it with services in tourism and education.

    The authorities will allocate money for technical means (3D visualization, GIS) to build a virtual version of the capital. Elements of NFT and gamification will also be used here.

    The document contains an appeal to municipalities:

    “Promote digital education scenarios, set up collaboration between tech companies working with Metaverse and educational institutions. Develop interactive online learning options. Our goal is to build a metropolis with a thriving digital economy”

    China has a negative attitude towards the cryptocurrency market. However, since last year they have shown an active interest in the concept of the Metaverse. Previously, Shanghai presented a 5-year roadmap for the development of such technology.



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