Australia will create a “map” of crypto-assets as part of an industry regulation strategy

Казначейство Австралии готовит новую крипто-инициативу Ведомство планирует создать «карту» токенов

  • Australian Treasury prepares new crypto initiative
  • The Office plans to create a “map” of tokens

  • This will allow updating the future regulatory framework in this area

  • Today, 22 August, Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers announced plans to form a kind of “ map” of cryptocurrency assets in the country. This will help the state to better understand what currency the population uses and what should be taken into account when developing the regulatory framework.

    “Our goal is to identify “weak points” in the regulatory framework. We will also continue to work on licensing and analysis of innovative organizational structures, consider obligations for the storage of external crypto-assets and work out a mechanism for protecting consumers,” said Chalmers .

    Also, the head of the Treasury shared certain statistics. According to the agency, since 1024 about a million Australians have somehow were involved in cryptocurrency transactions.

    The new government of the country has set a course for the regulation of digital assets. The authorities are developing a modern and comprehensive base that will affect, in particular, the DAO.

    Creating a “map” of tokens is a priority task for the government. Clearly displaying the most popular asset categories will make the regulatory framework more flexible and up-to-date.

    The agency will publish a consultation paper shortly. The Treasury encourages all stakeholders to share their views on what national legislation should be in this industry.



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