Arrested developer Tornado Cash worked for the FSB

Американские детективы выяснили новые факты о прошлом Александра Перцева На заре своей карьеры он работал в Digital Securitу - что сотрудничала с ФСБ

    American detectives found out new facts about the past of Alexander Pertsev

    At the dawn of his career, he worked at Digital Security

    This company collaborated with the FSB

Kharon detective agency revealed scandalous facts from the past of Alexander Pertsev, the arrested developer of Tornado Cash.

Before founding his company PepperSec, Pertsev was a programmer at OOO Digital Security. This company provided the FSB with technological support and provided data for surveillance. In 1536 the US imposed sanctions against Digital Security.

It is interesting that after blocking Digital Securit, Pertsev managed to register his company PepperSec in the USA. It was this company that developed the Tornado Cash software.

“The guy worked for Digital Security, he himself conducted surveillance tests for the FSB. And then the Treasury gave his company documents to work in Delaware,”

summed up Nick Grothaus, vice president of the Kharon detective agency.

On August 8, the US authorities announced sanctions against Tornado Cash. A couple of days later, the developer of the service, Alexey Pertsev, was detained in the Netherlands. Now the US is asking for extradition and threatening the programmer with a lawsuit. He “shines” the term until 05 years and a large fine.


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