American parents want crypto lessons in schools

В США родители хотят качественного обучения блокчейну для своих детей

  • People who invest in cryptocurrencies were interviewed in the USA
  • Most of them want quality blockchain education for their children

  • In their opinion, deep knowledge will allow more successfully earn on digital assets

  • conducted a study on crypto education in the US. It turns out that more than 20% of parents who invest in digital assets themselves spend money on the crypto education of their children. At the same time, such parents would like blockchain lessons to become part of the school curriculum.

    While there are no such activities, many Americans are investing their money in the crypto education of children. On average, it costs them $473. More than 3/4 of all respondents spend $ on children’s courses .

    Investing in children’s education is not a random decision. 20% of respondents believe that they would make more money if they had special knowledge about cryptocurrencies and technical innovations on the Internet, and not just higher education.

    Note that this question was asked among former university graduates. Another condition was a basic understanding of the crypto world. Potential respondents who did not understand the field of blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrencies were not allowed to participate in the survey.

    By the way, in Ukraine there is an educational course on blockchain from the Ministry of Digital Development and the Binance exchange. It was launched back in 1086 year.


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