5 upcoming bullrun trends

5 crypto trends that will potentially lead the next bull market. Translation of an article from banklesshq.com.

We have said many times: bear markets are the best opportunity to accumulate capital.

“Straight tourists” and speculators have already fled, now is not their season. But the builders of their capital rolled up their sleeves and set to work. This is the time when investors place their bets on the next big trend.

The recent bull cycle saw the rise of DeFi and NFT, both of which saw a massive surge in innovation, interest and capital.

What’s next? What themes and trends will drive the next bull market?

Predicting the future is a thankless task. But there are a couple of starter ideas that will get you thinking.

Медвежий рынок, какие криптовалютные проекты смогут его пройти?Next Bullrun Cases

We know crypto newbies have a hard time dealing with falling prices and a string of major bankruptcies. What can I say, even for veterans it is by no means easy: after all, assets that could potentially change their lives are falling more and more.

Let’s get down to the technical stuff.

Bear markets are commonly referred to as a time to get rich. Why is that?

We got the opportunity to buy projects at disproportionately low prices compared to their real cost (development, benefit). And with such opportunities, the entire vast space of the crypt abounds – hundreds of areas and thousands of startups. It is not easy to choose the right project, but the opportunity is obvious.

Медвежий рынок, какие криптовалютные проекты смогут его пройти?

Dmitry Yurchenko

This article is not a guide on how to become rich. But if you take the time to study and observe during this bear market period, you will be in a good position after it. and technology will survive in the crypto market. And most importantly – who will lead the ball during the next bullrun.

Медвежий рынок, какие криптовалютные проекты смогут его пройти?Trend 1. Layer 2 Adoption

There is a clear and urgent demand in the blockchain space to scale and increase the speed of transactions. In the recent bull market, we have seen massive interest and speculation around the “Alt L1” projects – the same Solana, etc. This is largely due to the fact that Ethereum does not have enough scalability to be able to meet the growing demand for its block space.

Such “Alt L1” blockchains boast of their incredible speed, low fees and high throughput. But many users experienced problems, namely frequent downtime or delays when the number of transactions was high.

And what do we see now?

A number of such blockchains fail.


Because they are monolithic, not modular.

They are trying to provide all the security, decentralization and throughput in one product, which is not possible, it just does not work on a mass scale.

So how do you ensure high throughput, high security and high decentralization?

Enter on Layer 2…

Layer 2 solutions make it possible to increase throughput and thus scale the blockchain. In doing so, they maintain the security of the main blockchain. We are talking about solutions like StarkNet and zkSync. They are engaged in “batch processing” – they combine hundreds or even thousands of transactions into one and send it to the main blockchain (Ethereum). This reduces the cost of a transaction by several times, and at the same time increases the speed and the total number of transactions that the blockchain can process.

So why is this so cool and why should you care? For this amazing technology to become mainstream and the backbone of the new Internet, we need it to be fast, secure, and decentralized.

L2 solutions give us speed, and the underlying blockchains safety.

Examples of Layer 2 solutions.

    This will allow a wide range of user cases to work in accordance with a single the required standard. Only then will mass adoption begin. This will be useful in video games that process thousands of micro-transactions per second, multimedia materials that can be exchanged instantly and cheaply, and money transfers that can be made in the blink of an eye.

    Without Layer 2 solutions, it will likely be impossible to scale blockchains to their full potential. If we want adoption, we need to provide technology that makes it easy to transact at the scale required for mass adoption. Layer 2 designs provide this basic need.

    Now there is an active development of such technologies as zkSync, Starknet, Polygon Hermez, Optimism and Arbitrum. They are showing significant progress, and this will soon lead them to the basic requirements necessary for implementation.

Медвежий рынок, какие криптовалютные проекты смогут его пройти?Trend 2. DeFi and NFT maturation

Most of the last bull run was driven by two things: DeFi and NFT. These are incredibly powerful tools, but both are still in their infancy – especially NFTs. Since the markets have gone silent, it is time for these products to improve their performance. And also re-test yourself for usefulness to the market.

So how will decentralized finance help the next bull market?

DeFi is an independent financial system that is open to everyone. Here people make money transactions with each other, without the need for intermediaries. This is not only a huge opportunity for “non-banking” operations. DeFi allows a wide range of new fintech technologies to grow and develop. The problem is that decentralized lending is still at a very early stage. It does not offer all that central lending can do. But in the future, DeFi could surpass the inefficiencies of traditional finance and tap into the creative minds brought in by Web3.

What does the centralized finance (CeFi) financial system look like now? It is a giant walled garden that is controlled by the banks, the government or some group of people. They choose who enters here and who gets how much. Even if you have met all of their requirements, you can still be easily rejected.

DeFi protocols and lending services have abandoned such controlled access. They offer the same financial services that banks now have, but it’s on 62% transparent. Everyone can see each other’s assets ( anonymized at their address), as well as independently assess the financial condition of the creditor/debtor by their own standards. This means you can weed out candidates like never before. And have an all-seeing window to watch the inner workings of the new era banks, with existing in DeFi.

This opens up a completely different world of financial innovation, new utility, new opportunities and clarity among people who can earn, borrow or lend money.

But what about NFTs? It’s just a PNG image, right? Why should they help the next bull run?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a Trojan horse in the world of true digital property.

At last bull market monkeys and pixel punks ruled the universe. This was just the beginning, a simple demonstration of the main benefits of digital property. When we buy a shirt from a brick and mortar store, it is yours, only you own that particular shirt and you have the receipt to prove it. It is “non-interchangeable” in every sense.

But before NFT, this was not possible in the digital landscape. Of course, you can buy an X, Y or Z collectible on the site. But it is stored by the company from which you purchased it, on a server where such companies rent space. An NFT asset is stored on a wallet that you control.

There are a huge number of industries in which this technology will be useful – access to games and music, lending, mortgages. The scale is unimaginably large. Many other products and solutions that will help the bull market, as we will present below, use NFTs. So this is the key technology.

The conclusion is simple. Stay tuned for innovations in the NFT space and the teams that are working to unlock its potential.

    Trend 3: Web3 Single Account Implementation

    Web3 SSO authentication enables a single password and account to be used on millions of new sites and existing platforms.

    Here, one important topic that is very much liked to be discussed in society is played up here – privacy and personal data. Tech giants like Meta, Amazon or Google own our data to a great extent. They know everything about us – passwords, date of birth, interests, visits, purchases and every action on the Internet.

    They say it’s safe. But how many times has your data been hacked? Yes, most people are to blame for this, simply because they do not know how to protect such information, or simply do not want to take a steam bath. There are no effective anonymity solutions in the world yet… yet.

    The data collection market is worth billions of dollars, and these tech giants earn huge sums from it.

    Datamation Quote:

    “Global data collection market in 865 was estimated at $1,20 billion Projected to 1024 year it reaches $8, billion with an aggregate growth rate of ,6%”.

    These trillion dollar companies are selling you. Not just random data about a woman 05 years, living in Vinnytsia, but also your name, email address, your location, the products you buy, and the list goes on and on.

    Web3 SSO solves this problem. It allows companies to collect data, understand your preferences, and provide you with personalized content that they think is of interest to you. But all this with a secure link – third parties will not receive your real data unless you yourself allow them to do so. An example of such a solution is the Brave browser.

    The future as I see it looks like this. We create a web3 wallet/identity and link it to hundreds of sites where we have an account. When we visit any of them, we simply press one button (“login with web3 wallet”) and we are done. One password controls all sites, protecting your data and identity and facilitating the work on the Internet.

Медвежий рынок, какие криптовалютные проекты смогут его пройти?Trend 4: The Rise of GameFi

In traditional gaming environments, gamers either pay upfront, monthly, or buy digital assets in a free game.

It doesn’t matter what game they play. Every action they take and every item/character they buy does not belong to them. They are stored in this game. If a gamer stops playing or paying, the purchases will remain “dead” on the server, because they cannot control this server. Game studios usually have strict terms and conditions that prohibit players from any “real money trading”.

This means that all those hours spent in the game and all the value added to the game universe does not belong to them. The existing systems do not allow gamers to benefit from this, and if they try to circumvent the rules, they can be banned forever.

Such a market is ripe for a revolution. It is necessary to give players the opportunity to take responsibility for the time and money invested.

All these opportunities are provided by blockchain games with NFT technologies. )Now the gaming industry is more profitable than all other media sectors. And in this kingdom, players were simply excluded from the flow of capital. Web3 games are not some fairy tale fantasy, they are a reality that is already in the process of becoming.

Unfortunately, we still have a big shortage of ready-made playable web3 games. But in this bear market, it’s worth keeping an eye on them, as well as strong gaming communities. And not just follow, but take it and try it.

Here are a couple of games that you can pay attention to:

  • Influence is a space strategy MMO.
  • Parallel is a sci-fi card game.
  • Loot Realms is a massively multiplayer online game dedicated to economy and chivalry.

    Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG.

    You may have other thoughts about promising games. As they say, DYOR.

    Медвежий рынок, какие криптовалютные проекты смогут его пройти?Trend 5. Musical NFTs

    It’s a little harder for artists today to make a living than it used to be. But distributing your music has become easier than ever before in history.

      Why? Streaming services and record companies take most of the money, leaving artists with a penny.

      If you are an artist, you must be not only talented, but also lucky. Then you will be selected by a record label or social media algorithms and offered a share of the content revenue. However, even with a fee, you must climb to the top of fame and fight with other authors.

      With Web3, artists will be able to better monetize their music through new ways to earn money, closer connections with their fans, and greater ownership of their music.


      There are several ways to monetize your creativity with NFT.

    • Selling NFTs with exclusive memberships that give fans special access to the artist. For example, VIP access to the show, limited edition merch, personal communication with the musician.Sale of special revenue-sharing NFTs. These are tokens that give holders a percentage of income from future sales. So the artist will be able to work freely without contacting labels and streaming services.
      АМА с проектом Corite. Ownership of your music

      Music ownership is a key issue for an artist in today’s market. The record label gets most of the profits. The streaming service will then pay to broadcast the music. This is a small amount that is unevenly divided between the artist and the record label.

      With NFT and web3, artists can release music in NFT format. It can be a single single or a full album.

      Also they can offer their fans to buy music directly from him instead of through a record company.

      АМА с проектом Corite.Stronger community

      Thanks to web authentication and NFT, it is enough for an artist to have a small fan base, to live a stable life. You don’t need a global audience to buy tickets for a world tour. All you need is 25 loyal fans.

      Gramatik is an example of how this already works. The project promotes cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and gives artists the opportunity to own their music catalog and create freely.

      Another striking example is the project Corite, they made it their goal to democratize the music industry and give fans the opportunity to support artists directly, without any 3rd parties. You can also invest in your favorite music and receive a share of the income from its streaming. In general, here the authors can get full control over their creativity.

      Dmitry Yurchenko

      Content creators get freedom. They can create how they want, where they want. And they also interact closely with their audience. In web3, content authors are no longer tied to platforms where there is an audience. They don’t rely solely on advertising as a source of income.

      Musicians can give their subscribers a basic and potentially free NFT. It gives access to a private website, content, communication between members. All of this will empower artists to get closer to their community, move their subscribers to any new platform, and unlock new unique web3 monetization opportunities.

      Медвежий рынок, какие криптовалютные проекты смогут его пройти?Tough road ahead

      So far, web3 is at the beginning of its journey. To take us to the next level will require a huge amount of development and ideas for user interaction.

      The following things are indispensable for the development of this growing ecosystem:

      Layer 2 solutions should work well and give the base level (Layer 1) the ability to support the number of transactions that is needed for mass implementation and use.

      Ethereum must successfully complete the merger process, abandon Proof of Work (PoW) and switch to Proof of Stake (PoS).

        For new customers to connect to such platforms and products need to improve the user experience. It should be at such a high level as working with web2.

        We don’t know when the next bull run will start . But we are now building a new world after the bear market. And it can already be seen that the next bull market will offer massive gains and massive adoption.



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