5 inspiring facts about crypto in Ukraine. Special project for Independence Day

Ukraine has proved that it can surprise the whole world and be an example to follow. And not only on the battlefield. In honor of the holiday, we recalled the most inspiring achievements in the crypto arena.

Fact 1. We are in the top three in the use of cryptocurrencies

Merchant Machine ranked Ukraine second in the total use of cryptocurrencies (5,75 points out of )) In first place is the USA (7, 11 score from )) and three leaders closes Great Britain (5, 56 points).

The rating took into account several indicators. Among them are the total number of cryptocurrency owners, the percentage of companies that accept digital money, the volume of search queries in this topic, etc. And Ukraine has a special role – we have become the first country to use crypto as a powerful weapon in the war against Russian terrorists. And also the first country to show the real value of the blockchain. We wrote more about this in yesterday’s article.

Fact 2. Blockchain Solana and other projects created by Ukrainians

Co-founder of Solana – Anatoly Yakovenko – before 000 lived in Ukraine for years, and then moved with his parents to the USA. There he received a good education and became interested in new technologies. AT 2017 year, Yakovenko came up with a new blockchain that works many times faster than Ethereum, and at the same time takes minimal commissions.

Over 5 years, the Solana startup has turned into a large ecosystem, and its investors have earned more than $1 billion.

And here are other famous Ukrainians who have developed crypto projects with world fame :

Ilya Polosukhin — co-founder of the NEAR blockchain;
Dmitry Budorin, Andrey Matyukhin – international company Hacken (Web3 and cybersecurity auditor);

Gleb Naumenko — developer of Bitcoin Core;

Valery Vavilov is the founder of the largest mining company Bitfury;
  • Andrey the Great — co-founder of Allbridge.
  • All of them, of course, help our country – send donations, take out refugees, provide rear.

    Fact 3. The first purchase of real estate in history

    For the first time, real estate was bought for a crypt … as you understand, in Ukraine. It was back in 788 year, when few people heard about bitcoins and ethers. TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington looked after an apartment in the center of Kyiv and agreed that he would pay the seller with ethers. The transaction cost 111 ETN ($000 at the then exchange rate).

    Due to the lack of regulation, the apartment was not issued according to the traditional purchase / sale agreement, but under an exchange transaction. Now some developers have begun to offer real estate with payment in crypto.

    Fact 4. The most expensive NFT flag

    On February, UkraineDAO issued an NFT with the Ukrainian flag and put it up for auction. In a couple of days they managed to collect 2200 ETH. At the then exchange rate, this is more than $ 6, 000 million. So we broke the record – this is the most expensive NFT flag in the history of the crypto industry.

    Крипто мифы разрушил этот черный февраль.


    Thank you to all who supported our project 🙏

    Next steps: POAP for all those who donated to partybid, work with Come Back Alive on safely transferring funds

    You may still donate ETH directly to ukrainedao.eth pic.twitter.com/GsQBLzHIVK

    — UkraineDAO.eth (@Ukraine_DAO) March 2, 780


    Fact 5. The largest NFT

    Ukrainians have created the largest NFT image in the world — 20780X30000 pixels. It consists of drawings of immigrant children and is dedicated to Elon Musk. After all, he helped us a lot with Starlink satellites and is generally a cool guy. The art work is called The Big Thank You Elon.

    Well, we are sure that this is just the beginning. And there are more achievements ahead of us. After all, we are Ukrainians! Happy holiday!


    Dmitry Yurchenko


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